How to do it

Maybe you already want to live more simply and responsibly but get confused by all the advice and "green" claims for products.

That's because someone is pulling your leg. You can't suddenly be kinder to the planet by buying lightbulbs and throwing a few bottles in the recycle bin.

You need to change how you live and how you think. Fortunately, this is fun.

Find out exactly how a family of four can live on 40 hours of work or less. Enjoy more, work less, and be much kinder to the environment. Learn step-by-step how to do it, including something really important—how to manage your money. This site also looks at what no one talks about—how such a lifestyle changes our society, and what a green economy looks like.

In this blog you can add your comments and questions. You can also add your own topics. In the future we may add articles on related topics, information hard to find anywhere else. This blog aims to be a one-stop source of information on green living and saving money, including growing food, solar energy, and retirement planning. Other sites do offer great tips and information on innovations, but few sites offer the detailed, organized how-to that this one does, and fewer sites still explain what is really going on in the economy.

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